Flume Australian Tour 2013

Flume Infinity Prism Tour 2013Lynden Gare, Lighting Designer for Flume, chose Mediatec as supplier of LED screens on the recent Flume Infinity Prism Tour.  The shows took place at The Horden in Sydney, Festival Hall in Melbourne and Riverstage in Brisbane over the first week of May.  The lighting design was based around Flume’s trademark custom LED prism, and the screens were to replicate the prism shape. Rather than hang the main screen as backdrop, Lynden’s creative concept achieved the prism effect by arranging three screens as an angled canopy over the stage.

The spec for the 3  screens hanging over the artist required a bit of creative thinking in regard to rigging. As the FL12 panels are semi-transparent and lightweight they were the perfect choice. Mediatec provided custom flying hardware with the panels to achieve the look required.

Lynden Gare made the following comments about Mediatec’s involvement with the tour: “The show presented a design challenge that called for some clever engineering. The talented crew from Mediatec actively worked on rigging solutions that provided the most flexibility for day-of-show design changes, and kept the hardware hidden from view. The resultant screen formed a giant roof-like canopy over Flume, a unique and impressive look that was consistent with the existing design elements.”

Mediatec thrive on a challenge and welcome the opportunity to be involved in the design and execution with “outside of the box”, (or in this case inside the prism) ideas.