Outside Broadcast

normal_Outside_broadcast Large or small? HD or SD? We have a solution that fits the description.
normal_production Mediatec is one of Asia and Europe’s most experienced and creative producers of sports broadcasts.

Mediatec Asia Pacific is one of the  most experienced outside broadcast companies in Australia. We have great experience of international events in sports and entertainment and how to handle live broadcasts all over the world.

Every event has its specific requirements. To meet each of these, we work in a couple of  business areas, Outside Broadcast and Production. This enables us to supply adequate solutions for any broadcast. We have access to an extensive range of outside broadcast units and production facilities. These include  OB trucks, flight-pack facilities, studios, special cameras, camera link systems, uplink trucks and fiber MCR’s.

Along with our European sister company our track record includes credits from large-scale broadcasts such as the Olympic Games, Wimbledon and Tour de France as well as acting as supplier to the host broadcaster for the Eurovision Song Contest, UEFA Cup Final, Champions League and IIHF World Championships.